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CF scenes according to script 4/?

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I kind of love these two.

My favorites!

Can Josh Horowitz just do all their interviews?

Josh sandwich = the best kind.

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CF scenes according to script 1/?




This is how you know they’re actually brothers.

this is my favourite scene in the movie i’m not even kidding

I love this scene the most, because Loki is somewhat trying to help and Thor is just done.

I love this scene, they are real brother here…..

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Surely you must know it was all for you.
(Pride and Prejudice, 2005)

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Though they fought and lived with honor and dignity until the end, both Thresh and Rue, were so young. But our lives aren’t just measured in years. They’re measured in the lives of people we touch around us. For myself, for Katniss, we know that without Rue and without Thresh we wouldn’t be standing here today. So in recognition of that, knowing that it in no way can make up for your loss. We’d like to donate one month of our winnings to the families of the tributes, every year, for the rest of our lives.

Best Speech


Peeta Mellark: Spirit of Strength

Capitol Couture has been waiting eagerly for the next wave of incredible images of our cherished elite, and here they are! Fresh from the excitement of the most eventful Quarter Quell to date, we are thrilled and honored to present the new Capitol Citizen Living Portraits.

As our Quarter Quell victors, Peeta Mellark and Johanna Mason hold the distinct honor of being the first Capitol citizens featured within a Living Portrait.  Peeta stands tall and true in his Capitol Citizen Living Portrait, his matte leather Unconditional ensemble showcasing a stone-like texture and channeling the victor’s quiet strength, completed by shirt and shoes courtesy of Maison Martin Margiela. The paper collar piece, designed by David Mason, mirrors the sculptural elements in Johanna’s dress and gives a stern ambiance to the baker’s son. With an unprecedented two victories under his belt, Peeta is no longer the boy who bravely faced the 74th Hunger Games, but a true Capitol hero.   

Citizens can witness the artist’s hand-selected series of Living Portraits in person at SOCA this summer.

15 favorite quotes that didn’t make it into the movies

Gale love Katniss…Katniss never love Gale, just like a brother and a good friend…